Perfect breakfast for the Fourth of July, no? But, actually, it's regular morning fare around here when I come back from a visit to Maine, totting a big package of Jordan's red-skinned hot dogs.This style of hot dog is still very popular in the Pine Tree State, but not so much elsewhere in New England, so far as I can find out. They have a thick skin that bursts pleasantly into the juicy interior when you take a bite, and the flavor is mi).ld but full.

Note the New-England-style buns, grilled to toasty crispness in the same pan as the hot dogs. The mustard, as you can see, is French's Deli style, nice simple ingredients, old-fashioned mustard taste, and a good price. The onion relish? Well, the relish is by far the most expensive part of meal. Made by Goccia Umbria, it is called Mousse di Cipolli in Agrodolce, a sweet and sour onion relish made with red onions of Tropea, vinegar, raisins, red wine, sugar, salt, and natural ingredients. A 6.4-ounce jar cost $4.99, and I figure I get about five servings out of one. But it's wicked good on hot dogs, rich and onion-y, with a deep sweet-and-sour smack. I'll have to learn how to make it.