Alan Wenokur dropped me a line after reading the account of my breakfast of chopped chicken liver on toast to recommend an inspired variation on this theme:

Along the lines of your wondering about frying up chopped chicken liver with eggs, there was a now-defunct restaurant in Detroit which served a sandwich called a "Sensation", easily made at home, perhaps for breakfast: chopped liver on challah, dipped in egg and pan-fried. Highly recommended.

Always unwilling to leave well enough alone, I decided to make this with slices cut from a sourdough rosemary bread produced locally by Jonathan Stevens at his Hungry Ghost Bakery (a clerk at the store where I bought it described it as the best bread in the world made by the laziest baker in the world -- my kind of guy). Then I proceeded just as you would imagine. I beat up an egg, seasoned it with an ample dash of hot sauce, spread this mi).xture on a plate, dipped in the bread (one side only), spread the non-egged side with chicken liver, and browned the resulting sandwich on both sides in butter. The result was as delicious as Alan promised and, as it turns out, chicken liver and rosemary are a very pleasant match.