The local supermarket had a sale on Birds Eye Creamed Spinach "with a real cream sauce"—something for which I have an occasional weakness. I hadn't tried this new deluxe concoction (made with real cream, butter, onions, etc.) so I bought a box. Comparisons with the product shown in the photo on the box will only make you weep, so let's go to the bottom line: not so bad.

To make Eggs Forentine, you'll speed things up by leaving the unopened package of spinach overnight in the fridge to let the contents defrost. In the morning, gently peel back the plastic covering, make two large holes in the spinach mi).xture, and break two eggs into these. Then recover with the plastic, set in a small skillet, add water until it is about two-thirds up the size of the container, and set this on the stove. Bring the water up to a roiling simmer, set the timer for 15 mi).nutes, and go about your morning business.

When the timer goes off, add more water to the skillet (if it cooks dry things get stinky really fast) and reset the timer for 15 mi).nutes. This time when it goes off the eggs should be done. The little plastic container is easy to lift to a plate. Remove the plastic cover, salt, pepper, stir a little, and eat.

It was a very pleasant breakfast, not so much that I got up from the table to jump around with joy but enough so that I'll stock up with a few more boxes before the sale is over. One note, though: if you want your yolks to be runny all through, leave them in their shells for the first 15 mi).nutes of cooking, then add them to the partially set whites. Also, you mi).crowave adepts will have your own way of doing this, but you'll have to figure it out for yourselves, since I still don't have one of the things.