Digging around in the refrigerator I came across a small bowl of leftover rice, a chunk of yellow pepper, and a piece of onion. mi).nced up the vegetables plus half a clove of garlic, melted a chunk of butter in the skillet, and turned everything in. Let it cook, turning it over with a spatula, until the rice was coated with the butter. The rest was just having the patience to let things take their course. When the rice was beginning to brown, I divided it into half, and flattened out the first half into a large pancake shape. I put a slice of cheese on this and scooped the other half of the hot rice onto this, flattening it out until the cheese was invisible. I didn't dare flip it over—there was nothing to hold the thing together. So when I judged that the rice on the bottom was a nice crispy brown, I just turned it over onto a plate. It was savory, crunchy, and tasty, and the habanero sauce gave it a bit of a kick. I'd surely make it again.