Snack cabinet, 22 January 2005. The bottle on top of the mi).xed nuts is an extremely potent homebrew of cassia cinnamon from Bill Penzey (senior) which makes killer French toast. The unidentifiable contents in the jar at the lower right of the photograph are dried hash-brown potatoes that I thought would give some substance to some cans of soup I bought without trying one first (the usual excuse: "they were on sale and they looked kind of good...." Sigh.) The sack of potassium nitrate (aka saltpetre) is waiting for the day when I attempt a recipe of Elizabeth David's for Christmas pressed beef. The rest is either self-explanatory or falls into the category of "I don't want to talk about it right now" — like the dreadful TastyBite Vegetarian Kofta (behind the bottle of cassia cinnamon extract), aka "vegetarian animal droppings in rice."